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K.J. Scriven
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  • Date 2020-01-30
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K.J. Scriven

Hailing from North Carolina, K.J. Scriven strong but sincere message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ demonstrates that he uses all of his heart, soul, and his guitar to invoke worship and righteous living to all generations.

Not only is K.J. an artist, but he serves as Worship Director at Transformation Church under the leadership of Pastor Derwin Gray. An incredible song writer, as it shines through in his music, KJ is a Grammy-award winning songwriter, which he has 6 song placements on national recording artist projects such as...

  • “Open Up The Heavens” on Shekinah Glory's "Surrender" album
  • “Love Came Down” on James Fortune's Christmas project "Grace Gift"
  • “What Can I Do” on Tye Tribbett’s “Greater Than” album, which he also was lead singer.
  • “Steady” on Gerald and Tammi Haddon album “US”
  • “Here for You” and “You Keep Me” on Travis Greene album “The Hill”

Above it all, KJ loves God, his wife Kira, daughter Allyson Grace, family and his Carolina sporting teams. KJ believes that, "music is a tool that prepares the ground of people's hearts so that eventually a seed of truth can be planted. But a prepared ground with no seed planted yields no fruit.

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